Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Travelling Tinies

Tinies are travelling and here are some curiosities all the way from Mexico and Arizona. Some are tinier than others, but they all have tiny detail you would never notice if you were whizzing past in a splendiferous machine...

One way!

Arizona cowboy

Colourful wall in Bisbee, Arizona

Oaxaca corner ... what does it mean?

New Mexican door
Wall in Oaxaca ... more than ten tinies here alone!

Virgin of Guadalupe, with followers

A curious object

Wall made from jalapeno tins!

Metal bull in a field

What a fabulous range of tinies. You can travel far and wide to find them, or you can spot them in your own backyard. Either way, we approve! Keep on keeping your eyes open; we promise to do the same.

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