Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Do You Know Where the Fairies Live?

One day, three girls went for a walk. They walked around the streets of Kensington, WA, and they found some tiny things. Then they wrote some wonderful captions and sent them to us here at the Ten Tiny Things blog. And we said ooh and aah, because they were such excellent tiny things.

A big thank you to Ava (7), Amelie (5), and Della (2), who sent us their tiny things so we could share them with all of you. Girls, we hope your walk was slow and simple and splendiferous. It looks like it was!

This is where the fairies live (Ava)

It's a horsie. Me go for a ride? (Della)

They look like orange fingers or eggs (Amelie)

It is glowing like fire or chocolate (Amelie)

These letters are big time old (Amelie)

Ava: This looks like a butterfly.
Amelie: No, an angel.

It is a lizard with its tongue out and an eye (Ava)

This mailbox is trying to fly away (Amelie)

Which way to go?

Ava and Amelie want to know why the branches ask Y so much.

Gnomie sit in the garden (Della)

Didn't they find some wonderful things? I've been trying to choose my favourite, but I keep saying things like - 'The butterfly/angel? No, the fairy-house! Wait, what about the lizard? Or the escaping mailbox?" There are just so many curious things to choose from.

Why not tell us which one/s caught your eye? (You can comment below). And then go out looking for your own tiny things ...

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Making Tiny Things

Since Meg so enjoyed spotting tiny things in other people's yards, she decided to add some to her own.

If you're on a walk past Meg's house, keep your eyes open and you might just spot some of these ...

Hiding in the native violet bed

A secret sun in the mulch

This one reminds us of a black hole

Koala peeks out from the leaves

A secret in the shade of the gumtree
Stepping stone; in Spring, the green will be masses of wildflowers
More and more stepping stones ...

Meg would like to point out that she is not crafty at all. But it turned out to be surprisingly simple to make some secrets to hide in the garden. Mostly all she did was smash up some old tiles and plates, then cement them onto chunks of concrete she found lying around. She also used old buttons here and there. Smashing things up to make other things might seem like a strange idea but it was lots of fun and even the birds seem to be enjoying the new colour in the garden.