Monday, 4 February 2013

Tinies at the (City) Farm

It's been a restful Christmas break but now school's back and so are we! And for our first 2013 tinies, we want to show you some things we found at City Farm in East Perth. Meg went along in December last year to help celebrate the TravelSmart to School Awards with some fantastic kids from all over Perth.

There were presentations and prizes and activities of all kinds.

And there were also tinies. Here's some of what we found hiding here and there at City Farm.

Metal chicken says "Welcome!"

A little blue dragon, pining for something

His next-door neighbour, telling him to pipe down.

An egg from which dragons hatch?
An ocean on a gate ...
A secret lantern to light up the shade

Tree-hanging beast

Mosaic guard-dog
The whole world in one small sculpture

'Leave' your mark here

Mosaic chair will leave its mark on your bottom
Surely this flower is from outer space?

It was a fantastic day! If you've never been to City Farm, it's a great place to hunt tinies. We highly recommend a visit.

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