Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Kununurra Things

The Ten Tiny Things team has been travelling. And that's good because it means we can collect lots of tinies - in our minds' eyes and in our cameras. But the trick then is to find time, in between travels, to post them here for you.

Today there is a window of time, a tiny, rare thing in itself, so here are some tinies from Kununurra, way up in the top end of Western Australia.

So tiny and light he can walk on water ...

The fabulous reeds in which the birds hide
Like this one!

We don't know what this is, or who broke it open. Maybe one of those innocent-looking birds?

Bearded tree stump
Green wrapping itself around this tree, a creeping scarf

A creeping something else!

A boab tree is not tiny, but this plaque was. The tree was planted in the  "Celebrity Tree Park" by author Libby Gleeson. Meg's offer to plant her own celebrity tree was sadly rebuffed....

The Kimberley is famous for the scale of things - the sweeping gorges, the massive outcrops of rock, the incredible vastness of the landscape. It made Meg feel very tiny herself. But in the midst of all that, there are so many smaller treasures to be found. It was a very quick flying visit this time, but next time there will be more days to spend, more exploring to be done, more glorious tinies to uncover ...

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