Monday, 3 September 2012

Tiny Mississippi Things

From Madison, Mississippi, Mary Grace (16)  writes:

... the attached images are photos my brother and i took in our neighborhood.  We both had a lot of fun doing this and i really like what it encouraged. It has inspired me to go outside more. ever since that first walk taking pics. we have walked almost every night. Thanks for the inspiration! :)

These are the images that she and her brother Jake, aged 5, found, when they went for a stroll (captions are ours):

Someone left their tiny mark here.

Blue frogs worshipping at the tree (the cult of Stanley?)

Angels abound ...

But someone is watching!

What's tiny here? Tiny creeping plants, taking over the path? We found ourselves searching for something, and isn't that the point, too?

Gather ye rose-petals while ye may

Kissing geese-cousins

Alice on the rabbit-bench?

Can't help imagining someone chasing this little guy. Quick - this way!

A quiet blessing in the garden.
Thanks so much, Mary Grace and Jake. How exciting to have some tiny things from the other side of the world! We hope you keep enjoying your walks and discovering the secrets hiding outside.

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