Monday, 24 September 2012

One Photo, Ten Tinies

Today's tinies come from poet Annamaria Weldon. This shot of tree wrens and welcome swallows was taken in Yalgorup National Park. Annamaria writes: 

Not long till school holidays now and if you go to Lake Clifton (between Mandurah and Bunbury, off the Old Coast Road in Yalgorup National Park) and sit very quietly on this observation deck, birds will come and perch all around. That's what I did. It's not difficult to sit still there, as the light on lake water and all the bird voices are totally relaxing. This was taken early in May when the birds had just feasted on swarms of insects, that's why they look so big-bellied (and sleepy).

Ten tiny things in one photo! Just gorgeous, and also very fitting in a way. Because something poets are good at is condensing the large into the small, distilling a lot into a very little: economy of language, a finely tuned image that does the work of many lines of prose. We love that Annamaria has done this here, too, capturing so many tinies in one small frame.

Much of Annamaria's writing is done in response to the natural world, of which she also takes stunning photographs. If you would like to know more, you can visit her website.

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  1. I love 'tentinythings' Megan, so thank you for including one of my favourite photos! Tomorrow - 26th September 2012 - Western Australia's first public photo trail will be opened here, at this lovely thrombolite viewing deck, and Peel Harvey Catchment Council ( have asked me to read poetry as part of the celebrations. The 'living rocks' at Lake Clifton are special and need our protection. I will photograph ten of them for your blog!