Friday, 20 July 2012

Tiny City Things

Somewhere in the heart of the city, two intrepid librarians went for a walk. In the nooks and crannies of the Perth Cultural Centre, they found ten tiny things.

Thanks to Sam and Erika from the Better Beginnings team for sending these in.

 X marks the spot! Is there buried treasure here?

Did the queen from Snow White leave this apple here?

Tiny meteorites must have hit this wall!

We think these must be little red eggs. We hope miniature flying cows hatch out of them.

How many fish can you count?

The Little Red Hen got lost

A tiny street of houses for tiny little people.

Who left their pretty little kitty behind?

What do you think this unlocks? Someone very clever must have painted this.

What kind of creatures would live under a mushroom this small? Perhaps slater bugs and very hungry caterpillars?

Aren't they excellent tiny things? When I asked Super Librarian Sam what had led them out on a walk during their busy work day, she replied:

a) we love the book!
b) we were inspired by the art workshops.
c) we were very excited about the book launch and wanted to celebrate early.
d) librarians love little details.

Aren't they excellent reasons? I think my favourite might be d). I love the idea of librarians out wandering through the world with their eagle eyes peeled for hidden treasures. I wonder what gets you out walking ...?

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