Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Singapore Things, By Thomas

Thomas is 4 years old and lives in an island country called Singapore. He usually goes to school by car, but lately he has been doing a bit of walking.

Here are the Singapore things he's been spotting while he's been out in the world ...

Thomas is 4. And he's a boy. So what did he find first? A stick, of course!

A tiny pink clover, like in Horton Hears a Who. Can you see the speck?

A little gooey seed thingy

Boots? What are they doing here?

A dinosaur footprint!

Gnome with mushroom (perhaps he's reading Ten Tiny Things?)

Tiny Chinese men looking for their own tiny things

We found Batman!

A fairy garden on the kerb. The sign says "Stop and smell the flowers." We did.

Nice work, Thomas. We can't believe you found Batman! And a dinosaur footprint! I wonder what kind of dinosaur made a mark like that? Maybe it was so big and toothy that it scared someone right out of their boots ...? Maybe he didn't realise that Batman would protect him?

Or maybe we're just making up stories (we do like to do that a bit). But we do love your tiny things. Thanks for sending them all the way from Singapore!

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