Wednesday, 30 May 2012

A Walk to the Park

Kyle went for a walk to his local park. It was a destination. It was the place he was going and nothing interesting was going to happen until he got there. And so he put his head down and was walking and walking - to the park, to the park - and then ... he spotted a tiny thing. And another one. All of a sudden, the streets around him were full of tiny, interesting drawings and paintings. All of a sudden, his head was up and there was so much to see and he kept his eyes open all the way there and all through the park and all the way back again. And by the time he got home, he had collected so many tiny things, it was hard for him to narrow them down to just ten. But then he did. And here they are ...

Happy Man

Mr Fox 

Red Leaf

Floating Triangles

Willie Wagtail 

Wish Maker

Rockmelon Dance

Tiny Bouquet
Magpie Feather

Mr and Mrs Slater

Glowing Sunlight


  1. Great pics Kyle

  2. These are all things from my neighborhood! I love those dancing veggies at Fresh. Lovely photos

  3. Joseph (age 8)23 July 2012 at 18:30

    I like the Rock melon Dance best.

  4. It makes you smile, doesn't it? I wish the rockmelons in my kitchen would dance like that. It would make fruit salad so much funkier!