Saturday, 26 May 2012

Backyard Things, by Frané

Today, illustrator Frané Lessac shares ten secret things from her very own backyard. These might be a little tricky to see if you're out walking, unless you're tall enough to peer over her fence. But they are surprising somethings nonetheless, as eclectic and quirky as Frané herself, and we would definitely add them to our list if we spotted them in the wild.

Backyard Buddha

Cockatoo in the old gum tree

Balinese Godzilla

Mother Nature as an autumn leaf

Mosaic daisy

Ned Kelly: "Rust is life"
You can never have too many Neds...

Abalone shell meets goldfields bottles

Camel skull

Spotted: A Tasmanian Tiger

In classic Sesame Street-fashion, when I look at these, I feel like singing, "One of these things is not like the others. One of these things just isn't the same."

Do you know why? Which do you think is the odd one out? If you look back at Meg's tiny things in the first post, that might give you a clue. All of hers are similar in a particular way. Almost all of Frané's share the same characteristic. But there is one that's different.

I wonder if you can guess which one it is?


  1. There are lots of cool things here. I don't think there will be things like this near my house but I will have a look. I thought one thing might be different because most things are made by people and one is the leaf. But the skull and the shell aren't made by people so now I'm not sure. Can you give a clue?
    from Kyra.

  2. Hi Kyra! I love that you're skeptical about your own neighbourhood, and that you're going to take a look anyway. I bet you will be surprised.

    As for a clue ... perhaps we will just say that you are thinking along the right lines. You just need to squint your brain sideways a little. But here's a bit of a clue:

    In Kyle's "Walk to the Park" post there are 4 things in one category and 6 in another. And in Meg's "Very First Tiny Things Post" (which featured just 7 things), all 7 were from the same category.

    I hope that helps. Guess again any time!

  3. It's Kyra again. I forgot about replying here. But I have been looking around me for things. And I thought about your clues but I can't get it. I think my brain isn't squinty enough. Can you tell me the answer?

  4. Well, it has to do with things not being in their 'natural' spots. So you were close with your 'made by people' idea; maybe we can call it 'put there by people'. The leaf is in one category because it's still in the tree, but the skull and the shell have been deliberately placed somewhere by someone. So I put them in the same category as the mosaic and statues etc.

    But there are all sorts of different ways you could classify things, really. That's just the one I came up with at the time.