Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Meadow Springs Tinies

Some new tinies have come to us from Meadow Springs, near Mandurah. With many thanks to Connor (8), Erin (11) and Dad (42) for these gems. It was great to meet you guys at Perth Writers Festival, and we hope you're having extra fun these days on your walks to school.

A very surprised letterbox (Connor)

A tree that looks like someone was planted upside down and grew branches from their legs (Connor)
Two holes in the path where a very small space rocket must have landed (Dad)

A kangaroo letterbox (Erin)

The imprint of a leaf in the concrete path (Erin)

These are fantastic! We particularly love the upside-down tree-person. It would be ticklish having birds nesting in your toes, wouldn't it?

And here's something we love that we didn't expect - some of our tinies appear to be 'talking' to each other. For example, we're seeing a real letterbox theme develop. There are two here of course, but we also have some pretty cool letterboxes in other posts. Which makes us wonder if something is going on among the letterboxes of the world. Why are some trying to fly away and others acting surprised? Maybe the one that flies away will go and visit the others? Perhaps they'll end up banding together to form a really weird letterbox army and one morning we'll wake up to find them marching the streets in rusty formation?

And as for those 'space rocket holes' above, remember the meteorites that hit the wall in the city? This is making us suspect that the aliens are among us, that they've already begun paying little visits to us here on earth. And it's only those of us who really have our eyes open who will notice, and perhaps get to travel with them to distant stars ...

We hope so, anyway.

Thanks so much for the tinies, guys. We understand you are now on the lookout for ten tiny triangles. Kyle will be absolutely delighted!

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  1. I do love that tiny leaf embedded in the footpath. It's fun finding the imprint of things in footpaths, when they're not supposed to be there. It makes me stop and try to imagine the people who put them there and why and what those people are up to now ... Love your tinies Erin, Connor and (your) Dad. :-)